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Application for Enrolment at the Diamond Education College

Full Name :
Identification No :
Passport No :
Country of Birth/Origin :
Residential Address:
Postal Address :
Contact Telephone No :
Fax No :
Occupation :
E-mail Address :

Courses Applying For : Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading Course (2 Weeks).

Rough Diamond Marking Course (2 Weeks).

Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course (6 Months).
May be applied for and joined up to two weeks after start date.

Do you have any friends or relatives in the diamond industry? Yes
If you answered Yes to the above, please state their names :
Do you have any experience in the diamond industry? If Yes, state briefly
State briefly your reasons for wishing to enrol at the school :

The balance of any fees owing will be paid on commencement of the course.

I declare that the above information is true and correct.

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